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Child Care Provider Conference

Helps meet the training needs of child care providers.  Two conferences are held annually on a variety of topics related to child care.  

Check our Upcoming Events area to register for any of these classes.  Are you interested in Hosting a Class?  Email us for more information..  

General Nutrition

- Fresh Start to a Healthier You is a series of 3 classes, 1 hour each,no cost.  Teaches how to create safe and healthy meals, how to balance your day with menu planning, and how to save more at the grocery store.  

-Cooking Well with Diabetes is a set of 3 classes, 1 to 2 hours each with a $15.00 fee for all 3 classes.  These classes teach about carbohydrates, how to use recipes with fat, how to reduce sodium & increase fiber and how to plan meals for special occasions.  

Join us to learn ways to meal plan, save money at the grocery store, and best practices for storing your food to make it last longer. These online sessions can be completed at your convenience and are currently available online. Register now at

Walk Across Texas



Has two options:

For Adults - an 8 week program for teams of 8 who will input their walking mileage on a weekly basis.  Each team will have a League Ambassador and a Team Captain. 


For Youth - an 8 week program for teams with no limit to the number of individuals.  Each team will have a League Ambassador and a Team Captain. The Team Captain will input everyone's mileage on a weekly basis.  

Youth Path to the Plate Expo


This Expo walks the youth through various booths that demonstrate Farm to Table, Parts of a Plant, Nutrition and Wellness, and Egg to Chick.  


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